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In the Shadow of Sherlock Holmes - The Adventures of Mary Morstan Watson


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Settembre 2023
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Delos Digital srl
Stefano Guerra e Enrico Solito
221B n. 23
Delos Digital 2023 - ISBN: 9788825425741
NarrativaMistero e InvestigativoPoliziesco
NarrativaMistero e InvestigativoStorico
NarrativaMistero e InvestigativoTraditional British

Behind every great man, there is a great woman.

We have all read the stories by Dr. John Watson in which he narrates his adventures with Sherlock Holmes, but behind every great man, there is a great woman… and Mary Morstan holds her own place in the hearts of all Sherlockians. Today, newly discovered papers reveal the role she played in the adventures we know so well, which cast a light on her frequent absences from home and which recount her own thrilling personal adventures in Victorian London in a series of poignant tales full of passion and mystery, pain and suspense, love and hope.

Stefano Guerra is a pediatric neuropsychiatrist, psychoanalyst, professor, and retired school headmaster. He is the author of theatrical texts and film scripts, and he founded “Uno Studio in Holmes”, the Italian Sherlockian Society, of which he has also been president. He is a member of the Baker Street Irregulars and has authored several articles published in Italy and abroad on the world of Sherlock Holmes, as well as a Sherlockian encyclopedia (with Solito).

Enrico Solito is a pediatrician and child neuropsychiatrist who has worked extensively with Emergency. He is a past president of Uno Studio in Holmes, the first Italian member of the Baker Street Irregulars, and also a member of other Sherlockian associations. With Stefano Guerra, he has co-authored the only Italian Sherlockian encyclopedia, as well as apocryphal Holmes stories and novels set in different contexts.

Mauro Castellini is a Los Angeles-based film producer. Born in Mantova, Italy, after obtaining his Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences at Milano’s IULM, he moved to Rome, where his film career took off. Having been introduced to Holmes’ world by his friends Mr. Solito and Mr. Guerra, he’s now teamed up with them to write this book, that marks his literary debut.

Gian Luca Guerra was born in Rome to a family connected to the film and cultural industries, in which he has passionately worked his entire life. Inspired by a story he found interesting, he joined Stefano Guerra, Enrico Solito, and Mauro Castellini in writing The Adventures of Mary Morstan Watson.