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Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Christmas Stocking


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Giugno 2017
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Venduto da
Delos Books
Paul D. Gilbert
221B n. 3
Delos Digital - ISBN: 9788825402391
NarrativaMistero e InvestigativoPoliziesco
NarrativaMistero e InvestigativoStorico
NarrativaMistero e InvestigativoTraditional British

Crime does not go on holiday, even at Christmas

Sherlock Holmes and dr. Watson have their Christmas Eve interrupted with the news of a stolen piece of valuable jewellery.

However, they soon discover that their new client is harbouring a deadly secret… not everyone will have a merry Christmas!

Paul D. Gilbert was born in 1954 and has lived in and around London throughout this time. He has been married to Jackie for 40 years and she has always shared his great passion for Sherlock Holmes! They have two sons, one of whom farms in Spain. He has been in clothing retail for most of his working life, although he is now an undertaker. He has a passion for ancient history and he enjoys music, sport and movies. His remaining ambition is to be able to write full time; he enjoys the process so much.

Among his books: The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (2007), The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (2009), Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra (2011), The Annals of Sherlock Holmes (2013) and  Sherlock Holmes and the Unholy Trinity (2015).