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UR : 1830 BC

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Giugno 2015
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Controllo territorio - da 3 a 6 giocatori - 180 minuti
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From the temple, one can see far over the lands of Ur. The king points to teams of men digging near the river. "Look, my son. The men of Kishi are digging a new canal. We shall dispatch some workers to shovel water into it. Make sure they water our lands well." But I do not listen to the old king. I am contemplating whether to lead my men in founding a new nation closer to the river's source, or to devote the coming year to science. There are rumours that the Babylonians are experimenting with a wheel that wields water, and my people could use such a contraption. For the Gods have revealed that a great drought will be upon us...
Ur, 1830 BC is a game about irrigation in Mesopotamia. It is based lightly on Francis Tresham’s succesful series of 18XX train games, of which 1830 and 1835 are the most famous (see the sites by Chris Lawson or Lou Jerkich for more information about them). As this series is the favourite non-Splotter game of three of Splotter's designers, we wanted to make a contribution to this great gaming tradition. So here it is!
Ur has a lot of different dimensions. It's a game about water networks and strategic planning; it's a game about land speculation and knowing when to move to greener pastures; it's a game about managing the resources of large estates; and it's a game of tactically outsmarting your opponents to get that last drop of water away from his land onto yours. It has the feel of an 1830 variant, but is vastly different especially on the board.
Game Contents:
Game boardNon-permanent markerWater (24 blue discs)4 land price markers (yellow squares with mountains, trees, grass, and sand)Ownership markers for 6 players (larger squares)38 cards with waterworks and diggersSequence markers (hourglasses) and waterworks in the six colours of the states: Akkad (grey), Babylon (blue), Elam (green), Persia (black), Sumer (yellow) and Urartu (red)6 treasury charts of the states Akkad, Babylon, Elam, Persia, Sumer and Urartu6 independent nation cards (Ashur, Barahshum, Calah, Der, Eridu and the First1 primogeniture card (the mess of pottage)Splotter banknotes of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 Splägels English rules here