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Target Earth

Data uscita
Gennaio 2013
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Venduto da
Bazaar del Fantastico
Jacobo Cagigal
Gen X Games
Giochi da Tavolo
(dipendenza dalla lingua: ininfluente)
Controllo territorio - da 1 a 4 giocatori - 90 minuti

‘Target Earth” is a board game simulation of an Alien Invasion of Planet Earth.

Battlefield is the whole planet, represented by a Global Board, featuring the 30 most economically powerful countries on the planet. Allied countries will bring money and Victory points to the Alliance. Countries aligned with the Aliens will count as victory points for the invader. By the end of the seventh turn whichever side has more Victory Points will be the winner.

Each player represents a faction of a Human Alliance and manages one of their bases and its associated resources (money, units and cards). Players must deal with the alien offensive using their units to fight airborne and landed UFOs in an effort to strengthen their Alliance by getting countries to join them. In order to stop the Alien offensive and beat the invader, they must also investigate new technologies as well as the nature of the Alien life form.

The Alien side is not controlled by any player. Its actions are determined randomly each turn, with an incremental difficulty as game progresses.

The game has two playing modes:
-Basic mode is a cooperative game where 1-4 players form a Human Alliance that will fight to stop the alien invasion.
In this game mode, if the Human Alliance achieves victory, all players win. Otherwise, everyone loses.

-Advanced game mode, is a semi-competitive game for 2-4 players, where each player forming the human Alliance has his own secret agenda and is able to obtain individualized victory points. As in the basic mode, the total amount of victory points and human technology level will determine whether the Alien side has achieved victory. If Humans win, only one of the players will be declared winner, according to their fulfilled agenda and performance during the Alien War.